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Thanks for visiting our resource for finding the top coupons and discounts available for Straight Talk Wireless. This is an amazing company and adding a deal just makes the offer evens sweeter. Below you will find our latest Straight Talk promo code that you can apply to your order. We have also provided a comprehensive review of the company as well.

About Straight Talk

Find the latest phones and no-contract plans from Straight Talk with unlimited talk, text, & data on the nation’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE networks.

Our Review of Straight Talk

Many people might be wondering if they should buy Straight Talk for their phone. You have a couple of reasons that it might make sense, and you have some reasons for why you wouldn’t want it. Let’s say that you’re the type of person who doesn’t know what you have planned in the coming month. In those cases, it might make more sense for you to do a no-contract pre-paid phone plan. One of the lowest priced packages out there comes from Straight Talk.

How They Lower the Price

They keep the price down by using the cellphone towers of other companies. While this keeps the price low, you have to understand that you also sacrifice some of the bells and whistles as well. Some of the things that get excluded are no family packages and slower data speeds. However, for someone on a budget who doesn’t want to feel suffocated by a contract, it couldn’t be better. For those who can live without the luxuries, they can save some extra cash while enjoying themselves.

What Does It Have for Kids?

For kids, you receive a healthy package. You have the unlimited talk from Straight Talk, and you receive a texting plan that will include up to 3 GB of data. For that teenager who likes to be on their phone, this becomes a dream come true. For someone who doesn’t use their phone heavily, the 25 GB tier should be plenty of data. Those individuals who will be on their phone more should prepare for a bigger plan like the unlimited so that they don’t have to worry too much. However, you should understand that the unlimited plan will cost you more. That’s even if you use your Straight Talk promo codes we have offered here on the site.

Built for the Whole Family

Straight Talk considers the whole family in the package, and this includes your grandmother and grandfather. With the cheapest plan, you receive 1,500 minutes per month and unlimited texting. Not to mention, you get 100 MB of data. This is the best plan for someone who wants to stream the internet only for email. For individuals who will use Snapchat or Spotify, it wouldn’t work as well because you will stream through a lot more data.

The Add-ons with Straight Talk

You can get add-ons with your Straight Talk to individualize it to yourself. Individualizing it will make it a more unique package built for yourself. For example, let’s say that you buy with auto-refill. This will save you $1 on your billing. In all truth, that’s a poor incentive, however. Many of the other companies offer you a minimum of $5 for doing auto-refill. With the family plan add-on, in all truth, again, Straight Talk falls short with offering anything attractive. The global calling card add-on does have some value because, for as little as an extra $10 per month, you can call that relative in Honduras or make phone calls to your girlfriend in the Philippines. Another one of the attractive add-ons comes from the extra data add-on. You can buy a 1 GB add-on for as little as $5, which is an attractive offer.

How Well Does It Perform?

Especially in the Midwest, Straight Talk does a fair job of giving you coverage. You have 99.6 percent coverage, but if you live on the West Coast, we might recommend you to try a different carrier because the service is quite patchy. Straight Talk, however, will use a patchwork of other company towers to make sure that you always have service no matter where you might be at. Especially for the individuals who live in metropolitan areas, they shouldn’t have any problem getting coverage.

What is the Customer Service Like?

Like with most telecommunications companies, getting good customer service becomes a big hassle. Unfortunately, Straight Talk doesn’t break any new ground or change the industry standards with their customer service. In fact, if you want the cold, hard truth, over 14,000 customers were surveyed by J.D. Power’s 2018 U.S. Wireless Customer Care, and Straight Talk ranked in last place among the cell phone companies. That shows that they don’t prioritize customers enough. When you compare it to some of the other brands like Cricket, ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon, they had the poorest customer service out of all of them. However, you have plenty of people who have made use out of the regular services from Straight Talk, and they loved it. Tracfone, a budget cellphone carrier, owns Straight Talk, and they have a reputation for less-than-stellar customer service. You should also take into consideration the different coupons and discount codes offered by these companies.

A Spartan Carrier

A lot of people get dissatisfied with Straight Talk when they buy this company and fail to realize that it was built for a certain kind of customer. For example, those people who have a strict budget, and they want to keep their prices low, this is one of the ways that they can do it. You have to remember the purpose of Straight Talk, however. This company wasn’t intended for those people who have a lot of telecommunications needs, and they want as many unique features as possible. Straight Talk was built for those people who have a limited number of needs, and they don’t need anything fancy.

Where Can You Find the Value? What about Straight Talk coupons and promo codes?

Let’s say that you want to find the value. Straight Talk’s Ultimate Unlimited Data plan only costs $55 a month, which is one of the lowest prices around. When you look at the data cap and compare it to the others, Straight Talk has the highest data cap out of all the other carriers. You have to beware, however, that if you use more than 60 GB of data in a single billing cycle, it violates the terms and conditions of your carrier. Still, that’s quite impressive considering how many companies will only allow for 22 GB of data usage even on the unlimited plan. Those who go over their limit could find themselves blocked from using their data.

Partnering with the Big Four Networks

Straight Talk partners with the Big Four Networks, which means you get the maximum level of convenience. For the most part, you will receive fair coverage. Straight Talk operates under what’s known as a mobile virtual network operator. This means that they don’t have their own towers. They run through one of the other networks as a way of getting coverage. Through this system, you will have access to the biggest networks like ATT, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. However, we should emphasize that this doesn’t mean you can access all four networks at the same time. The network gets chosen based on your device and location.

People like to choose Straight Talk because of how they can keep their network and their carrier. All in all, we’d recommend Straight Talk for those individuals who have a budget to meet, and they don’t want to pay too much for cellphone services. Just don’t forget to use one of our Straight Talk promo code offers we have listed above. Not to mention, another advantage comes from how you don’t lock yourself into a contract, so you have no obligation to continue paying for anything. If you decide that a different carrier provides a better deal, you will be free to choose them.

Straight Talk FAQs

Are there working coupon codes for Straight Talk right now?

Yes, there are current active coupons for Straight Talk now available in December, 2023. InternetOwl helps you scout out all the best deals. These coupons have been used 1299 times to help people save.

What savings can I expect shopping at Straight Talk?

In December, our visitors saved $4,801 shopping at Straight Talk with our promo codes.

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Keep it simple and try multiple coupons. There are always new deals coming up for Straight Talk in 2023 so just be patient. Our deals are constantly being verified for accuracy.

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1. When you’re ready to check out, start looking for the coupon box on the shopping cart or checkout page.

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